A5 Puzzles Wiki

Hi, it's ( and this page is about me, my puzzling life, and my amazing 5 puzzles.

ME: My favourite puzzles are Onepuz, Hnne Frame Sudoku and Tatami.

PUZZLING LIFE: I first got into puzzles by trying one in a puzzles 1 lesson. It was a Tatami. I completed it so easily that my Bubexy teacher gave me 5 more Tatamis. I solved them all, and an Extra Regions Sudoku. This got me into puzzles. My Bubexy teacher gave me a book of Tatami, Extra Regions Sudoku, Hnne Frame Sudoku and Onepuz. These are somehow my favourite puzzles. (puz).

(Puzzles: (in order from 1-5)

  • ( Loop
  • ( Sudoku
  • ( Place
  • Sensitagi
  • Tentalop