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Bub made BubBubbesBub.


Minecraft Hypixel Murder Mystery Episode 1

BubBubbesBub Video

Bub then decided to add some Bub


Format error: no puzzle 15

Bub then made an essay about why Puzzles is greater than Vecs-Vezet

puzzles > vecs

essay done

BubPuzzles HerdPuzzles BubPuzzles HerdPuzzles BubPuzzles HerdPuzzles BubPuzzles HerdPuzzles BubPuzzles
Futoniki Herdloop Low Or High 2x2 Pools Sudoku Blue Cells 2x2 Pools Loop Master Digits Musters Cell Division
FutoNiki HerdLoop Loworhigh TwoByTwo® Blue Cell Sudoku TwoByLoop® Masterdigits Muzters Sell Division

BubPuzzles™ > HerdPuzzles™


Bub finds a Bubby Bub Bub Bup Vecs-Vezet Bub Bub Bub

Bub decided to make no more puzzles. He likes ending with a mean triag. BubBubbesBub is the page for everything Bub - it has the following links:



Bub's Big Puzzle Book

But that's not the end.

BubPuzzles (talk) 17:16, May 18, 2019 (UTC)BubPuzzles, Master of Vecs-Vezet and Puzzles