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Puzzling Team 2022 comeback? Or 2023?

gold5471: 69-100.

Manager 2: I made a Xarrow. And even a Xarrow.

Dee: Orderpix is my rarest puzzle!


Triangle Weaka: Working on puzzle ideas.

Orange Freeze: 37x37 Sudoku book soon!

Green Freeze: I'll exist soon.

Bub: Currently vecs-vezet.

Herdnaxy: Setazuka released. Not sure what to do next.

Herd: No ideas for HerdPuzzle 17...

Herd Jr: I think it's time for me to make a puzzle.

Forcexy: Lajizath (4) is rare. Making more Forcexyloops after a request.

Blue: Trying as many puzzles as a void.

( is dead

) rarely makes puzzles

Manager 2: The ultimate bingbanger puzzle.

X-Factor & Irregular Sudoku Samurai puzzle. Herd will like this!