A5 Puzzles Wiki

Hi puzzling fiends! It's Dee and I'm here to tell you what I like about puzzles.

I started puzzles when I had just turned 1-year old. I completed a 4x4 Sudoku at the age of 2. Then when I was 5, I did a 28x28 Sudoku. I used to be amazing at Sudoku Sizes!

My top 5 puzzles are:

  1. Triangle Layouts (by Bub)
  2. Battle Lines
  3. Trapeziloop (by gold5471)
  4. Sudoku XV
  5. 4-away Sudoku XV (by gold5471)

I made Orderpix when I was 8. I liked how dee's always painted in the same style. That is where dee-style originates from. Deeish art. Then I realised that I could make a puzzle using numbers in order. Combined with the dee-style, it made the official puzzle: ORDERPIX™.

Following on, I wanted to make a sudoku variant. That is when I thought of Suydoku.

This is how I got into puzzles. Bye!