Hi! I am Errre and I am special because I like Sudoku Variants more than anyone else. I've made 24 puzzles and are constantly thinking of more. Here are my puzzles in order of creation:

  1. Matrix
  2. Kentakath
  3. Winsoku
  4. Errreloop
  5. 1-away Number
  6. Outside Hidoku
  7. X-Factor+
  8. Defecit Regions Sudoku+
  9. Chenkachaka
  10. D-Sudoku
  11. Looperrre
  12. Nuth Ju
  13. Errre's Errry Puz
  14. ijpuz
  15. Neniteg
  16. Order Path
  17. Errre Sudoku
  18. Clueloop
  19. Parallels
  20. Don't Kill The Robot
  21. Diagonal Errreloop (most common)
  22. Hex Diagonal Errreloop (rarest)
  23. Errrenumber
  24. Mixture Errreloop (newest)

As you can see, Puzzles 7,8,10 and 17 are the only sudoku variants. Green Cell Sudoku wasn't made by me, it was actually one of my friends. He told me to publish it as he knew I was in the main puzzles team.