A5 Puzzles Wiki

FIRED (reason in bracket)

Hat Bomb - originally hired for Futoshiki Variants (became inactive)

Yörange - originally hired for Nurikabe Variants (became very inactive)

Inflated Orange 1 - hired for weird samurais and loop puzzles (useful for nothing)

Inflated Orange 2 - hired for suko type and small puzzles (useful for nothing)

Lightning - hired for weirdest puzzles (did not help others)

Space Bub - for sudoku variants etc (became inactive)

Space Bomb - for Galaxies Variants - (gave Triangle Weaka 187,295 Galaxies Fours)

Star Wars Dee - route puzzles (became inactive)

Setexy - polyominous (became inactive)

Freezexy - hired for puzzles (didn't make many puzzles)

Freeze - for Masyu Variants (didn't really want to be a puz guy, ripped up a herdloop)

Boog - was promoted from helper, passed training (became inactive)


Herd Jr - Moved on from puzzles now.

Herd Jr Jr - realised that he started a Jr trend

Space Errre - Quit.

Inflated Orange 3 - quit to join 1 & 2

Inflated Orange 4 - quit to join 1 & 2

Inflated Orange 5 - unknown

Herdnaxy Jr - preferred colours