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Futoshiki Variants are variations on the well-known Futoshiki puzzle.

Here is an indefinite list.

  • All Inequality Futoshiki
  • 1-away Futoshiki
  • 2-away Futoshiki
  • 3-away Futoshiki
  • 4-away Futoshiki
  • 5-away Futoshiki
  • 6-away Futoshiki
  • 7-away Futoshiki
  • 8-away Futoshiki
  • Colourful Difference Futoshiki
  • Border Sum Futoshiki
  • Minus Frame Futoshiki
  • Product Frame Futoshiki
  • Hnne Frame Futoshiki
  • Skyscrapers Futoshiki
  • Sum Sky Futoshiki
  • Product Sky Futoshiki
  • Futoshiki X
  • Diagonal Adjacents Futoshiki
  • Outside Sum Futoshiki
  • Futoshiki Wrong Clues
  • Quad Clue Futoshiki
  • Quad Max Futoshiki
  • Outside Futoshiki

As mentioned, this list is definitely incomplete. I, Herdnaxy, am not directly related to Futoshiki Variants. You can probably get combinations of the above, too.