Here is a list of books to get!

A5 Puzzles issues 1-20 by MIXED

Sudoku Go Further Issues 1-5 by gold5471

Beyond Sudoku 3 Issues 1-5 by Manager 2

Suguru Issues 1-2 by Manager 2

The Almighty Cell Block by Dee

Manager 2's Amazing Puzzle Book by Manager 2

Bub's Big Puzzle Book by Bub

('s 'Kakuro and Kakro' by (

+/- Bundle by )

Killer Variants by Orange Freeze

Puz! Issue 1 by gold5471

Twentypuz Issues 1-2 by gold5471

Hibbarpus: 200 Puzzles by Triangle Weaka

Amazing Book Of Puzzles by MIXED

Puzzles Range by all (Select 2 of the 5 parts)

Slitherlink Specials by Forcexy and Herd Jr

Samurai 15 by Herd

Samurai 16 by Herd

Samurai 20 by Herd

Double Samurai Mix by Inflated Orange 1

Setexy And The Polyominous Puzzles by Setexy

Setexy And The Hack Polyominous Puzzles by Setexy

Errre And The Kropki Polyominous Puzzles by Errre

Eighteenpuz by Triangle Weaka and Orange Freeze

Stars Loves Yalooniq by Triangle Weaka

Herdnaxy's Big Selection by Herdnaxy

Blue's Puzzle Mix by Blue

Arrows 200 by Blue

Tubes 120 by Blue

Multi-Directional Arrows 100 by Blue

Arrows and Tubes Mix by Blue

Jeniloop Book by Inflated Orange 1

Dream Loop Book by Inflated Orange 1

Suko Specials by Inflated Orange 2

Very Rare MinuPlu Specials by Inflated Orange 3

Some Small Puz by Inflated Orange 5

Herd Jr's Puzzle Compendium by Herd Jr

The Start of Route Puzzles by Star Wars Dee

Code Place: 250 Puz by Space Errre

Some Clues Code: 250 Puz by Space Errre

Herd Jr Jr's Mixture: 300 puzzles by Herd Jr Jr

Samurai 61 by Herd

The Secret, Unknown Puzzles by ALL

Nurikabe Variants Mix by Yörange

Twisu Unleashed! by Freezexy

Spot The Shapes Issues 1-25 by Blue

Puzzle Ideas (With Samples) by gold5471

Threedoku: 500 of the Samurais by Inflated Orange 1

The End of Route Puzzles by Star Wars Dee & Manager 2

Fourteenpuz by Triangle Weaka

Setexy And The Multiplicative Polyominous Puzzles by Setexy

Annoying A6 issues 1-3 by Boog

Jinx Time: 100 strange puzzles by Space Bub

Dominoes Variants by Inflated Orange 4

Red Cell Sudoku puzzles by Errre

Sereside Suy Compendium by Dee

Attack of the Puz by Freeze & Merkexy

Number Arrow by Lightning & Orangexy