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Puzzles Range 2 is the second in the 2016 masterpiece Puzzles Range.

It has Sudoku VariantsSudoku Sizes and Killer Variants. Plus a little secret from me, Errre.

It also has five medals hidden throughout the book.

Sudoku Variants

The Sudoku Variants section had a huge range of puzzles, some of them including Extra Regions Sudoku, Isosudoku, Green Cell Sudoku, Orange Part Sudoku and even a large Clueless Sudoku at the end.

Errre's Special Stuff

There's no Kentakath, I've already told you.

Sudoku Sizes

This section started off with the smaller sizes like 4x4 and 6x6, but gradually the size increased as you progressed through, going from 12x12 to 16x16 and eventually reaching enourmous sizes like 25x25 and 36x36.

Killer Variants

The fourth section in Puzzles Range had a neat collection of Killer Variants, including X-Killers, Killer Uncaged and Mystery Killer Sudoku Pro. Also, there actually wasn't a Killer Sudoku Evens puzzle.