A5 Puzzles Wiki

Puzzles Range 4 is the 4 instalment of Puzzles Range, 2016.

>> Slitherlink Specials

10x Hexiloop, 2x Snub Square, 2x Rhombus, 1x everything else bar altair

>> MinuPlu Specials

2x 1-away, 2x Odd Pair, 4x Mystery, 1x Zero, Mystery Zero, Kropki, Multiple, Non-Consecutive, Non-Consecutive Diagonal, Not-All Inequality, 2-away, 3-away

Blank 8x8 grids, blank 6x6 grid.

>> The Away Sudokus

1-away x4

2-away, 3-away, 4-away, 5-away, 6-away, 7-away, 8-away

1,2 - 1,7 - 2,4 - 2,6 - 2x 2,7 - 3,5 - 3,8 - 4,8 - 5,7 - 6,8 - Difference - More Clues x2, Colourful Difference x2, Bars Workout x2, 8x8 1-away x1, 10x10 1-away x1

>> Random Section


Puzzles integrated in

>> Futoshiki Variants

had some

>> Nurikabe Variants

2x2 Pool x2, Cryptic, Wrong Clue, Outside x2, Ontop, Symbol.

>> Masyu Variants

X, Green Circle, Border, Liar, Restrictive

>> Galaxies Variants

Supreme, Four, Six

>> Code Puzzles

Code, Code Sudoku, Code Shikaku, Code Knossos, Code Sign In, Outside Sum Code, Some Clues Code.