Triangle Weaka's Puzzle Ideas

I have some puzzle ideas eg

Some sort of sign and inequality mixture,

some sort of 100-loop variant,

some sort of sudoku variant,

some sort of triangle weaka style sudoku variant (see below for possibility)

some sort of !Puz loop/puzzle,

some sort of love heart puzzle,

some sort of puzzle,

some sort of varient,

some sort of new puzzle,

some sort of puzzle with a dot and a minus,

some sort of new puzzle for 2021,

some sort of puzzle made out of all my galaxies fours,

some sort of ugg,

some sort of puzzle idea,

some sort of TRIANGLE WEAKA PUZZLE 13 (no confirmation don't go insane)

maybe a 1-away killer, a 2-away killer etc etc.


I may make a book of 3-away product frame odd pair sudoku

Or how about a book of Battle Symbols? I do not recall Errre having one.

A book of Sum Skycrapers, and a book of Product Skyscrapers

A mixture book of 5-away Sudoku, 5-away Killer, 5-away Kakuro, 5-away Futoshiki and 5-away X-Factor.

Hibbarpus: 200 Puzzles

A puzzle book with a bit of puzzles

A sample Sum Skyscrapers puzzle is given to the right. Enjoy it!

Sum Skyscrapers.jpg
Sum Skyscrapers puz
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