A5 Puzzles Wiki

I have some puzzle ideas eg

Some sort of sign and inequality mixture,

some sort of odd/even loop puzzles,

some sort of sudoku variant,

some sort of triangle weaka style sudoku variant,

some sort of !Puz loop/puzzle,

some sort of love heart puzzle,

maybe a 1-away killer, a 2-away killer etc etc.


I may make a book of 3-away product frame odd pair sudoku

Or how about a book of Battle Symbols? I do not recall Errre having one.

A book of Sum Skycrapers, and a book of Product Skyscrapers

A mixture book of 5-away Sudoku, 5-away Killer, 5-away Kakuro, 5-away Futoshiki and 5-away X-Factor.

Hibbarpus: 200 Puzzles

A sample Sum Skyscrapers puzzle is given to the right. Enjoy it!

Sum Skyscrapers puz