A5 Puzzles Wiki

Hi! I'm Bub, and I make LOTS of puzzles. Here are my current 14 puzzles in order of creation:

  1. Futoniki    (B)
  2. Low Or High   (B)
  3. Sudoku Blue Cells   (B)
  4. Masterdigits   (B)
  5. Cell Division    (B)
  6. Triangle Layouts
  7. Divide The Shape+   (B)
  8. Underloop   (B)
  9. Pool Of Symbols   (B)
  10. Over The Digits   (B)
  11. Bubloop    (B)
  12. Circle Vicinity (B)
  13. Bub Arrows (B)
  14. Mean Triag (B)

If they have a (B) next to them, they require bub-style. Bub-style is extremely common.