Hi there. It's Yörange and this is a bit about me.

I first tried a Nurikabe when I was 2. Then I liked it so much that I cried for more.

My first book - 200 Nurikabe puzzles - completed within one day.

First Nurikabe Variant - when I was 8 - 2x2 Pool Nurikabe.

I created 2x2 Pool Nurikabe puzzles for everyone and I became popular.

Then I realised other Nurikabe Variants were possible.


  1. Yörangeloop
  2. Yörange Sudoku
  3. Hunati
  4. Itanuh
  5. Yörange Place
  6. (Cross over between Nurikabe Variant and Yörange Puzzle) Yörange Nurikabe